Sunday, April 6, 2014

Farewell to Winter

Two days ago an 8 inch blanket of snow hugged the ground and clung to every twig.  Now the evening air soars to 52 degrees and drives away the last rags of winter's splendor. A tide all crimson and peach and slate and sapphire glows and fades away from the sinking sun.  The birds are singing their welcome song thrillingly, wildly, ardently and whistling to the velvet night in the key of spring. There are drops (drops!) pattering on the softening sod, running down the eaves and tapping the gutters in a mellow sweet rain while distant thunder murmurs and nearer grumbles like the voice of an old friend we have waited to hear a long while.  In spring God makes the world new.

"What did Spring-time whisper?
O, ye rivulets, waking from your trance so sad,
Pleased to welcome fisher-lad
With his little nets,
Speed, for summer's in the air,
Prattle for the breeze is warm,
Chatter by the otter's lair,
Bubble past the ivied farm;
Wake the primrose on the banks
Bid the violet ope' her eyes
Hurry in a flood of thanks underneath serener skies!
What a revel's coming soon..."
~ Norman Gale

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Joy-Cup

We are commanded in scripture to fear God…to know that God works all things after the counsel of His own us love and desire for what He loves and joy in whatever He sends...or does not send; and then preparing a table of abundance in the wilderness where there was nothing.

All the "if's" and “why’s” in the lives of men are guaranteed and certain in their final results in the mind of God. Knowing this is the obedience of the heart to the will of the Spirit. It is our right worship of almighty God, the understanding that makes us whole and the faith that is none of our own making. Summer or winter, working or resting, alone or befriended, wealthy or wanting, nothing can satisfy apart from Him.

So we pray that “If the allure of anything, however "good", draws me from Him, let it be struck from me, so that even the pain of pruning draws me to Him.  So let everything about me die...the loves and hates, the body and will...only let Him be my shield and my eternal great reward.”

This is the eternal rest of salvation, the storehouse in which all meaning is garnered.

This is the joy-cup He makes to overflow.